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Hiring The Wrong Lawyer Can Hurt Your Case And Cost You Money

The law is the law, right? Any licensed lawyer can read and interpret the law to represent a client in a case, can’t he? Though this may be a commonly held belief, it is one that can cost clients valuable time and resources. Just like in many other lines of work, different lawyers have different specialties, strengths, and weaknesses. When a client hires the wrong attorney for a specific case, the consequences can be serious and long-lasting for the client. Here, we share some tips on how to identify when a lawyer is not right for you and the possible repercussions of retaining the wrong person.

What Would Make a Lawyer Wrong For My Case?

The options can seem overwhelming when looking for a lawyer. There are many hard-working, effective attorneys out there, but there are also those who cannot or will not handle your case as thoroughly as possible. Some warning signs that you are talking with the wrong lawyer include:

  • Specialty. Just as you wouldn’t let a foot surgeon operate on your brain, you shouldn’t let a real estate lawyer handle your personal injury case. Lawyers can specialize just like professionals in many other fields. When you hire a lawyer who does not have an intimate knowledge of the area of law in dispute, mistakes can be made. The correct questions may not be asked, vital evidence not pursued, or negotiations stalled with inexperience.
  • Volume. Some larger law firms or busy lawyers are in it to make as much money as possible by walking as many clients as they can through their doors. They take on every client they meet and may rush to settle a case simply to grab the money. In these situations, personal attention is not paid to the client, and the hectic schedule can contribute to missed filing deadlines and poor communication.
  • Gut feeling. Most lawyers will offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Demanding money up front can also be a warning sign that you’re headed in the wrong direction. At that meeting, clients can get a sense of the attorney’s demeanor and what it would be like to work with that firm. If your gut is saying this is the wrong person, move on. It’s ok to compare and find the lawyer that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

It can be overwhelming and confusing when it comes to finding the right lawyer, especially for those who have little experience with the legal system. However, it is important to take the time to make sure you have found the attorney who best meets your needs before beginning a lawsuit. When clients ignore the warning signs and go with an attorney not equipped to deal with their situation, the case can suffer. Possible problems include:

  • Misunderstanding of the law
  • Missed deadlines
  • Failure to produce proper documents
  • Failure to produce expert witnesses
  • Negotiating low settlements
  • Acceptance of an unfair settlement to avoid a trial

While some of these errors may constitute legal malpractice, every case is different. A skilled legal malpractice attorney can help determine if your previous lawyer failed in his duty to represent your interests. If you feel you’ve been a victim of legal malpractice, the experienced attorney at KLF Law may be able to help. Call our Providence office at (401) 229-2133 to learn more about your rights and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.